Welcome to The Faerywood Tree

fullsizeoutput_29-e1524754370513.jpegThis is my world of nature, imagination and make believe.  I am a doll maker and lover of childhood; the simplicity and magic that kids approach the world with.  One place I find it is in my woods.

According to Wikipedia, there are twenty two shades of green in nature.  I’m certain that all twenty two are present out my window this morning.  Most folks associate Ireland with verdant green surroundings, but West Virginia is just as green.  The woods draw you in and envelop you with a soft coolness.  The smells are earthy, sweet, spicy and fresh as your legs brush the foliage.  The oxygen is richer.  The trees are alive with birds singing to greet the day, hoping for a seed or insect to catch their eye.  This time of year they are calling for a mate.  I can see how Rip Van Winkle laid down on the soft moss and slept time away.  It is a place where Mother Earth holds you to her bosom.

I create dolls and feather trees inspired by my woods along with memories from childhood, sprinkled with inspiration from all the children’s book illustrations that I love.    I hope you enjoy our journey into Faerywood.  Children of all ages are welcome!

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