Welcome to The Faerywood Tree!

I have to create and I love holidays!  I am inspired by Vintage, but recreate with my own touch!  

I grew up in a small town where life moves at a slower pace.  Holidays were a big deal.  I was lucky to have a mom with a great love of holidays; who made each one magic.    

To keep her memory, I started collecting vintage holiday decorations and discovered the German goose feather tree and all the history that revolves around them.

  They were the first artificial Christmas trees and were brought to America by German immigrants longing for a little of Christmas from their country.  Dyed goose feathers  are wrapped around wire to look like pine needles….Ingenious!  Ornaments made of spun cotton and paper were made and then later sold in ‘dime’ stores to hang on the feather trees.  

     I use original techniques to recreate the trees, but have developed methods to make them more durable and a little more contemporary.  My goal is the recreation of vintage ornaments that will fit into today’s style.  Feather trees are not just for Christmas!  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Lee Anne